Behind The Scenes

What does Super Soul Sunday have to do with Dawn Burnett? I had just finished my manuscript Connect How To Know If He’s Really Your Man. My literary agent and I were searching for the perfect publisher. After getting turned down by a few, I asked God, “Show me what to do. Where should I submit …

People Connection

There is such a strong power in connection. Have you ever heard the saying it’s not what you know but whom you know? But how do we go about connecting with people and how deep does our connection need to be? There are 4 different types of connections: Social Media Connections Business Connections Acquaintance Connections …

Community Connection

Have you ever wondered why some companies are successful when others don’t succeed? I believe it’s because they put their hearts before their hands. I began researching and I came across The Green Team Helping Hands Inc. I am connected with Ashley Benton on social media and I have watched her post countless photos of …

Stepping Out And Speaking Up

Have recent economic times sent your life in a tail spin? Or is it just a ponder as to the noticeable changes around you, like increased gas prices, lack of food quality or the recent hits in banking? Well you are not alone! Charlie Macarone, born in Sarasota, FL, in the 1960’s to a Welder/ …

Transformational Life Story

  Jocelyn Buchanan, a resident of Chicago, IL, started singing gospel in her church at a young age. Having a passion for music, she joined a band and began to learn a lot about the music Industry. Jocelyn later went on to receive representation by an independent music label that provided her a great deal …


“Night Of Life” a time to connect, De-stress, and have fun while giving back to those in need. In today’s uncertain world, “Night Of Life” takes the focus off tragedies and places it on hope. Recent reports like the Casselberry shooting killing three women and severely injuring an estranged girlfriend is one of many sad …

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