Night Of Life” a time to connect, De-stress, and have fun while giving back to those in need. In today’s uncertain world, “Night Of Life” takes the focus off tragedies and places it on hope. Recent reports like the Casselberry shooting killing three women and severely injuring an estranged girlfriend is one of many sad story endings involving domestic violence. In times of gripping despair, Harbor House is there. Providing a safe place with friendly smiles women who are threatened with their lives have sudden comfort to turn to.

Try to imagine for one moment what it is like to be a confused girl who has runaway and is looking for a sense of direction, or a young girl who is homeless feeling trapped with no place to go. The Covenant House provides hope to those who have lost theirs. Reaching hundreds of kids in Florida through street outreach, crisis shelters, and more, Covenant House is the largest private agency serving runaways and homeless youths in Florida, a home instead of being out in the cold, love when all was lost.

Who has the right? The controversy of abortion, the fight for a right causes marching in the streets losing site of some that are terrified and ready to give up. Haley’s House Maternity Home provides a refuge for young mothers who have chosen to allow their babies to have a destiny and see dreams fulfilled. Pressing on despite fear and news reports, young moms seek out Haley’s House during times of difficulty, experiencing love and wholeness; mind, body and spirit.

“Night Of Life” brining organizations and people together turning frowns into smiles and mending broken hearts, “We believe in paying it forward and “Night Of Life” is our way to lend a helping hand to those who desperately need one.” From top recording artists to powerful speakers “Night Of Life” provides the miracle of giving!

Was held on January 19, 2013, at the River Church in Clermont, FL, for opportunities to meet amazing recording artists, bid on silent auctions, boost your mood and be entertained from 6-9 PM. The talent will amaze you!


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