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I look around, I cannot see; does that mean it is not meant to be? How many times have you been striving for something important and you were close to giving up because you couldn’t see the results, but instead you decided to press towards the target coming out a winner in the end? Well the same thing happened with Gabrielle the gold medal Gymnast as she told her story on “Good Morning America” this morning that she almost gave up because she was missing home but after a long conversation with her Mom she decided to press on becoming a gold medal winner.

What ever your story is, what ever you are striving for, you must never give up. When you wake up every morning and the passion is burning in your belly causing you to push just a little bit harder, that is a message that you must keep moving forward. Maybe it is a new connection with someone or a sign you see as you are driving down the road, no matter how hard you try to push your desire to the side and quit, you can’t. Where did your thought or idea come from? How did it get there? It is a gift that was given to you in the moments when you chose to silence your mind, becoming more conscious and aware of your true heart desire.

I am often asked, “What makes you do what you do?” The answer is simple, I have come close to death a few times and the more that happens, the clearer my message and purpose becomes. We are all here to collectively make a difference in the world, touching each other’s heart one person at a time. When I leave this world I want to be known as making a difference. From working with the homeless to providing recording artist support to the Whole Planet Foundation, these are just a few ways that I have been able to pay it forward. No matter how hard I try to stop, the more I meditate and search deep within myself, the more ideas start flooding my mind. It starts as a thought and very quickly develops into a tangible concept for others. Am I just special? We all are and we all hold the gift, the power to choose our thoughts and the ability to implement them into something greater.

So what is your story? What concept have you been holding onto? What ever it is let the turn of the New Year, 2013, be the year you decide to exercise your “super hero powers” and positively impact others lives forever!

It’s time to connect and feel empowered. Let Wellness Strategist Dawn Burnett show you how to bring out the greatness in you.

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"The 5 Keys To Unlocking Success" for FREE from Jack Canfield's book "The Road To Success Vol. 2" and create a successful shift in your finances!