Manifestation Connection; Clash of The Choirs

Do you often wonder how some people get so lucky? Do you sit and secretively wish it could be you? Well guess what? It can be you and it all starts in the mind, with one simple word called belief. Belief that you can have success, abundance, love, or whatever you desire, it’s all waiting for you but for you to have it you must first understand how to manifest it and keep it.

Take for instance Liimu McGill’s story. She was working as a trainer for a pharmaceutical company, which on paper appeared to be a dream job, the flexible schedule, year-end bonus and a six-figure income. One day it occurred to Liimu that she was miserable and complaining all the time. She noticed that she was constantly having to justify her value and the toxic negative environment she was working in was making co-workers sick. It was at that moment Labor Day weekend of 2007, that Liimu was introduced to the Law of Attraction and she became awakened to a new way of thinking. As she removed the conditioned thinking lenses she once wore she began to believe in herself as something more and she changed the story she was speaking, it was now the one she wanted to see happen. She turned to her Mom and said, “I want a successful consulting company and I want to work from home. But what I really would like is to be a successful singer.” Her Mom knowing about the ‘shift’ that had happened within Liimu said, “If these thoughts work like a genie in a bottle then why would you limit yourself to a consultancy business? Why wouldn’t you pursue being a successful singer if you can truly have what you want?” This conversation got Liimu thinking and within one month she found herself auditioning for Clash of the Choirs and within three months she was on NBC in front of 10 million at home viewers. Liimu said, “The Universe showed me I could have what I want.” By the end of February 2008 Liimu gave notice at her job and by June of that year she was awarded two, 6 figure contracts fulfilling her financial goal that was set out in her business plan. Today Liimu coaches others on how to shift their mined so they can live the life they desire. For that to happen there are four key ingredients required.

  1. Believe in yourself- whatever the mind can see it can achieve so believe what you want is possible.
  2. Discipline- the common mistake most people make is they know they are unhappy but they truly don’t know what they want. Change takes discipline and not just the knowing of how to change but actually embodying the discipline of day-to-day story telling that we speak. Understanding what discipline looks like and making sure the language we use is supporting the lifestyle that we want.
  3. Recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs- we can be speaking the right positive language over our lives but if there are limiting beliefs that we picked up stored in our subconscious from culture, parents or personal past experiences it will squash or slow the speed of manifestation.
  4. Monitor- evaluate daily the story you are telling yourself and be encouraged to make a shift even if it’s small and watch how positive the results are that happen.

Don’t over think it, feel it, own it, open to it, accept it. There is no past there is only now. When doubt or resentment creeps in ask yourself, “Why am I waiting, what’s holding me back?” Give yourself permission it’s OK fear can no longer keep you from your destiny. So get ready it’s your time, the world has been waiting for you to connect, and your wishes will be granted. This is the moment you were born for, your true life’s purpose.


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