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Jocelyn Buchanan, a resident of Chicago, IL, started singing gospel in her church at a young age. Having a passion for music, she joined a band and began to learn a lot about the music Industry. Jocelyn later went on to receive representation by an independent music label that provided her a great deal of exposure. Stirring up lots of attention, Jocelyn received an offer for her first recording contract with Motown. After spending approximately one year with Motown, Jocelyn recorded some demos that gained the attention of Death Row Records. They were so impressed; they asked her to fly out to Los Angeles, which followed in a contract. However, the music industry did not operate the way Jocelyn expected it to. Due to poor management issues, Jocelyn lost confidence in the music business and it’s then that she decided to leave all together and find a different career to pursue.

Jocelyn tried her hand in a few jobs when finally she registered with a temp agency. That move became the start of a whole new career, one that Jocelyn never anticipated, a position with Oprah Winfrey. Jocelyn’s charm and hard work ethics helped her maintain a position with Oprah and what started out as temporary suddenly became permanent. The most interesting moment about Jocelyn’s 10 years of service is she never once mentioned to Oprah that she was a musician nor did she pursue the music business. Jocelyn became Grant Manager for Oprah’s Angel Network until suddenly one day she received numerous outstanding compliments at a karaoke event when she sang Whitney Houston’s song, “I Will Always Love You.”  Jocelyn, having recorded several demos to keep her passion alive, suddenly gained back her confidence and decided to give the music industry another try.

Jocelyn decided to leave behind her grant-writing career and pursue her dream as a recording artist. However, this time she would go about her pursuit differently. Deciding to no longer focus on the big name record labels, Jocelyn, with the assistant of her manager Dre, would write and produce a completely different style of music, one that would impact the world. Jocelyn directed her focus on song-writing techniques using Rhythm and Inspiration in an effort to help bring back the balance in today’s Modern Music. She feels that the world needs more positive role models so as a way of giving back and inspiring others, she creates songs that are empowering and uplifting. Jocelyn’s choice of style allows her to perform a wide variety of music from gospel to worldly, reaching a wide variety of people. Her first known released song was “Brand New Lady,” which landed her the fifth spot on ReverbNation.

However, this new Endeavour has not always been easy. Pushing against the “big dogs” that have deep pockets, Jocelyn has had her share of struggles. But, it’s her heart’s desire that drives her passion. In her spare time, Jocelyn stays motivated and focused by helping and developing other recording artists with their inner passion and drive for the music industry. Jocelyn has made many public appearances and has performed in shows and galas. Her biggest successes have been through email connecting and social media. Recently Jocelyn Co-Wrote a nutrition song with Dawn Burnett called “Right Now.” With over 30 percent of America’s children being overweight or obese, threatening an entire generation with serious chronic illnesses and shortened life spans, Jocelyn and her co-writer wanted to produce a message that would appeal to both children and parents, encouraging them to take control of their lives in hopes of preventing them from becoming another statistic.

“Right Now,” has already captured lots of attention with childhood obesity awareness organizations including Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and is airing in Children’s Hospitals. Her ultimate goal is to, through her own success and financial blessings, provide financial and emotional support to other artists that are passionate about pursuing their dreams in the music industry. This would allow them to freely express their talents without having to deal with the red tape that is known in the industry today.

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