Stepping Out And Speaking Up

Have recent economic times sent your life in a tail spin? Or is it just a ponder as to the noticeable changes around you, like increased gas prices, lack of food quality or the recent hits in banking? Well you are not alone!

Charlie Macarone, born in Sarasota, FL, in the 1960’s to a Welder/ Iron worker father and stay at home mom feels the same way, so he decided to express his thoughts through music. After moving to Jersey in the mid 60’s Charlie, the youngest of six siblings acquired a love for music when his older brothers began teaching him guitar and Freddie Drums. He went on to form bands in school but suddenly being hit at age 16 by the death of his 51 year old father, Charlie went straight into the work force after high school taking on any available jobs he could find. Eventually he settled into a truck driving career with a local carting company in the 80’s which lasted 18 years. His shotgun wedding to a local Jersey girl caused him to lay his music down. But when that marriage ended in divorce 22 years later, Charlie bought a house for him and his three grown children, left the trucking industry and pursued his passion for sound as a freelance sound recordist (camera crew sound) in the television industry. The first few years of that were highly fulfilling with much better income and a lot of road trips across the US and abroad which satisfied him until 2007 when he then began playing guitar heavily and started to write and sing songs.

Making a decision to never let the “music” die in him Charlie wrote the song Handbag and Heels as he stood in his kitchen with his guitar reflecting back to the night before of nearly running out of gas. At that moment reality hit Charlie of the world we are living in; a time of rising gas prices, war, oil rich countries, banking turmoil and Corporate GMO subsidized farms. He recently released Handbag and Heels in hopes of being a voice for many who feel they have lost theirs.



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