People Connection

There is such a strong power in connection. Have you ever heard the saying it’s not what you know but whom you know? But how do we go about connecting with people and how deep does our connection need to be? There are 4 different types of connections:

  1. Social Media Connections
  2. Business Connections
  3. Acquaintance Connections
  4. Rock Solid text me Connections

Social Media Connections are great for meeting different people around the world and getting your name known. Business connections are our car service companies, the dry cleaner, or people we have met during business hours. Acquaintance connections are those people we can say we know but we don’t really know them at a deep level. Best of all are those rock solid text me if you want to get together or need something connections. All can be helpful when trying to advance in our journey of life but what most of us are really looking for are those text or call me connections if you need something.

So how do we go about building our Rolodex with more solid connections?

  1. Social media and email connections can be great for just that purpose but there is nothing like face-to-face connection
  2. When you engage in face-to-face connection it’s important to be authentic
  3. Approach a person from the position of heart rather than gain
  4. Engage and take interest in their story
  5. Be open to new experiences
  6. Believe that everyone is someone and they are worth learning about
  7. Get to know someone with no attachments to the outcome
  8. Treat everyone with respect because you never know who you are talking to, they could be the next big super star
  9. Invest in others


It’s important to remember to put your heart before your hand.

So if you feel stuck, lack of support, looking for great authentic connections, consider joining a FaceBook group or other social media group where you can drum to your own beat while being encouraged to dance in the rain.



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