Life Is A Current

Have you ever noticed that we have become a rush society? Is it because we have packed our schedules so full that there are not enough hours in the day? Why are we doing this to ourselves and what has driven us to this position of life?

The word ‘Current” means a body of water but the adjective definition means being done now. So let’s examine why life has become raging rapids instead of a current.

  1. Technology- it makes everything more accessible
  2. Population growth-competition and belief that we have to push harder
  3. Expectations-if we don’t feel fulfilled then we’ll just move on to what we feel is the next best thing
  4. Mind sets-the belief that we have to keep up with everyone else

So let’s stop and think about the flow of life for a moment, everything is always moving in an out. We get fed up with our job and we leave, there is someone unemployed ready to move into our spot. We get tired of our boyfriend and someone who has been single for a very long time is willing to give him the time of day. When we get fed up there is always another person right there hot on our heels to take over.

The real question is how do we learn to flow with the current of life? It’s about learning the mastery of life over our emotions, finances, relationships and most of all our consciousness. If our thoughts are so powerful that they flourish into things than it is perhaps deeper than thoughts, it’s more about the awareness of the now and what’s taking place. What ever we focus on we get more of so if we can learn to master our minds then we have gained the secret to the mastery of life. Even then it’s not always the voice in our head that tells the story but how we the students choose to hear the voice and what we choose to do with the sound of it. But to go deeper than that it’s not just the voice in our head that determines the current of life but our belief of what the voice is telling us. If we believe we have something in the present whether we have it or not it is irrelevant, if we believe something so strongly then we will have it all in due time, no more need to rush in and out of things in life. Think of the greats; recording artists, best selling authors, TV Hosts, gold medalists, etc. how did they stay the course? They saw the success before it happened; they believed it and didn’t stop seeing it as the end result, they stayed in the current, the now of life.

There are so many of us out in the world today searching, but do we know what we are searching for? A new house, a new spouse, a different job, new clothes, etc. but what are we really searching for? We think it’s about things but what we are really searching for is the desire to be seen and understood, wanting to feel like our life matters. So how do we achieve this position in life and still stay with the current?

Here are seven tips to help us swim with the current of life instead of against:

  1. Have gratitude in all things because joy is found in the journey not the destination.
  2. Understand that all environments change from within.
  3. Know the more we say ‘it’ the more we attract ‘it’.
  4. Kick away the reasoning and operate from a place of heart.
  5. Know our value there is a specific assignment we have all been given and nobody can take our spot.
  6. Know it’s our internal belief system that prevents us from flowing in life’s purpose.
  7. Take a deep breath and operate from a place of pause and stillness, it’s the only way we can connect.

When we flow with the current of life everything else comes into alignment. It’s then that we have found our own frequency and what we have truly been searching for is granted. The space of light that shines so brightly it illuminates our dreams, visions and ideas. This is our current of life.

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