America is founded on successful marriage, so what has happened to our value systems? Values today have become watered down creating a taking society instead of a giving one. In America there is now a divorce every 13 seconds and studies reveal that a shocking 50% or higher for first time marriages end in divorce. So what is creating the decision to split?

There are a multitude of conditions that can cause a break up from sex to money and everything in between. So what are some ways to prevent Splits Ville? The most important tip is to make sure you attract the right person into your life. Remember, it takes two to love and the only love you own is the love you give away. You must first love yourself in a non-egotistical way before you can love someone else. Have you ladies ever heard, “Ask what kind of a relationship he has with his mother?” The reason for this is if he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother than chances are he might have a respect issue for women. Was he abused? Abuse can create a trust issue with either party. To fully heal from abuse it takes years of therapy and self help. Our thoughts are stored at a cellular level and if negative we carry those thoughts and experiences with us throughout the years. It takes positive experiences and reprogramming the cells for behavior to change.

Another important tip to consider when choosing your partner is to check out their spending habits. The hidden secret to spending money is effect not cause. Money and happiness are totally different. There are plenty of people that have lots of nice stuff and money yet they lack true happiness. There is always a driving force behind the need to spend money. Did the person lack stuff at a young age? Did they grow up poor? Were they used to having things handed to them? Are they spending as a form of medication for previous hurts that happened along the way? Whatever the reason may be it’s important to talk about money before deciding to get together.

So many people today are existing rather than living life. The saying is true, “What has your attention has you.” In today’s society so many people are wrapped up in technology from computers to cell phones and let’s not forget TV. We live in a busy tapped out world where there are so many activity options to choose from. If you are constantly giving your attention to electronics and other priorities over your partner then you are walking on thin ice. For a marriage or relationship to last there must be focus on each other to create that strong connection.

Equally as important as connection is sex. There are two different kinds of sex mind and body. Let’s face it readers if you get together for the one true reason, the heart, then everything else will stand the test of time. If your heart is in the right place, you will attract the right sex into your life. So the question is, are you getting hitched for superficial reasons or is your heart taking over the lust?

It’s time to Connect and put your heart first let Wellness Strategist Dawn Burnett show you how as she takes you on her own heart journey.

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