WAKE UP To Food Connection

Do you struggle from weight gain?

Have you ever wondered why so many kids have ADHD?

Has it occurred to you that cancer has become an epidemic?


Maybe you have been too busy to notice or you have just simply accepted the way our society is today and have decided to turn a cheek.

Have you ever considered where your food comes from?

We have gone from pure home grown food and cooking back in my Mom’s generation of the 1940’s to our food coming from an assembly line as a measure of cutting costs and substituting with GMO- (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods. But at what cost is this causing to our health and why?

There are just a handful of companies that control our food system and the top 4 control 80%. Due to the population and costs, these companies request highly mechanized food as a measure to produce a lot of it on a small amount of land at a reasonable cost. However, antibiotics are often placed in feed, which passes through the animal passing it on to you. Eventually you build up a resistance or allergy to the antibiotic you may be unaware you are consuming. We have now resorted to engineering our foods causing them to last longer and 90% of foods contain a corn or soybean ingredient, which causes disruption to your hormones resulting in havoc to your health. As animals continue to consume GM foods they are less able to digest proteins which changes their immune systems and that too is passed on to you. So now you end up with leaky gut- pinholes in the lining of the intestinal walls where your nutrients leak into your blood stream and your body attacks it as foreign matter creating antibodies resulting in autoimmune disorders like cancer and diabetes. Then it becomes a vicious cycle because our brain and gut are made from the same tissue so when one is out of whack so is the other.

There are people in over 60 countries that get to choose what they eat by popular labeling yet it appears to have become such a conspiracy in the US today. Why? Do you know what the Monsanto Act is? If you find out that GMO food causes cancer you can’t sue Monsanto (a Missouri based company). How do you feel about that? So you have to accept if you find out that your food is killing your loved ones you need to just quietly sit by and watch it happen. Many people are not aware of what is going on. They also feel that they are on too tight of a budget to buy good quality food. But the question is do we pay now or pay later? Meaning, do we sacrifice and pay for good quality non-GMO food or for disease care when sicknesses like diabetes hits? The average cost of Diabetes medication for a year per individual is over $15,000. That is a hefty sum on a monthly basis where many Americans don’t have that extra amount to place in their monthly budgets. Not to talk about the additional health consequences of diabetes such as infections, joint problems and eventually blindness. As I write this article a fire burns deep in my heart with passion to get this message out so that our children don’t suffer. There are an estimated 29 million people in the U.S that have diabetes.

However diabetes isn’t the only problem, brain disorders are as well. GMOs are engineered to withstand popular weed killers so imagine what that does to your brain. Pesticides have been reported to have harmful affects in children leading to ADHD, Autism and impaired mental development. This is why children today are less healthy than they were in my generation. It has been reported that the two most common types of childhood cancer are leukemia and brain tumors, which have risen 40-50%, respectively since 1975. Studies suggest that pesticides are contributing to this trend.

So how do we make a change when it’s cheaper to eat low nutrient foods than healthy ones? We have to demand good quality food and get the word out one person at a time; together we can change the world, one bite at a time. There are ways to vote and make your opinion known.

Extra steps you can take; make a choice to buy from companies that treat workers, animals and the environment with respect. Read labels and when you go to the supermarket buy foods that are organic and labeled non-GMO, buy foods that are grown locally, shop at Farmer’s Markets, plant a garden, cook a meal with your family and eat together, Take a stand because your life matters!!!


It’s time to connect with what you feed your mind and put in your body. Let Wellness Strategist Dawn Burnett show you how to experience Ultimate Wellness.

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