Whether you want to add lean muscle or improve your overall wellness whey protein combined with colostrum offers many health benefits. Whey protein is one of the most concentrated sources of essential amino acids available; its unique molecular structure makes it easy for the body to absorb. Whey protein has an excellent source of immune-enhancing compounds but combined with colostrum it makes it even more of a powerful healing agent.

A collection of studies show that some of the healing benefits experienced with the use of a whey colostrum product includes increase of lean muscle mass and endurance, increased buffering capacity of blood that is important for offsetting muscle fatigue which assists with the improvement recovery from hard training, decreased muscle breakdown, improved immune function, decreased risk of respiratory illnesses, can assist with weight loss, increased resistance to disease, assists with balancing blood sugar and enhances mood, improves autoimmune recovery (arthritis, asthma, colitis, cancer, Chron’s disease, diabetes, lupus etc.), assists with the prevention of cardiovascular disease, improves cognitive function, increases glutathione concentrates in relevant tissues, decreases inflammation, detoxifies potential carcinogens, provides protection against infections, increased post-surgical wound healing, promotes cell development, protection against oxidative stress, assists in slowing down the aging process, helps to repair “leaky gut” and creates stronger gut walls resulting in improved digestion, assists with the fight against osteoporosis, it assists in keeping your metabolic rate up and your hunger down. Studies show that there has been no severe adverse reaction linked to the consumption of whey protein products and that individuals with milk allergies find that casein is most often the culprit to their intolerance and therefore they are able to consume whey/colostrum products. But, if you are not sure, we always recommend that you check with your practitioner before altering your diet.

Relative to other protein sources, whey has a high concentration of branch chain amino acids. Luecine is helpful in the growth and repair of muscle tissue (such as bone, skin and muscles); it promotes wound healing and assists with energy regulation. It assists with the prevention of muscle protein breakdown that can occur after trauma or severe stress; it also stimulates insulin release. Valine in conjunction with other amino acids functions in regenerating tissue and is essential for a proper functioning nervous system, muscle development and coordination. Whey proteins are also rich in sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine; which is necessary for normal metabolism and growth. Methionine helps to neutralize toxins, improve strength of tissue, and can assist with the prevention of depression. Cells in the liver and kidneys especially need this amino acid for regeneration. Deficiencies allow fat to be retained in the liver and symptoms may include; hair loss, poor skin tone and toxic waste buildup. Methionine has the ability to increase the body’s level of glutathione, which is very important in assisting with detoxification of the liver.

Dr. Clement’s Pro-Colos product offers a delicious blend of vanilla flavored Whey protein obtained from Hormone Free Cows in New Zealand and fresh Grade “A” U.S. Dairy colostrum. The vanilla flavor is so good that you can mix it alone in water or in our family we add it to our organic berry smoothies in the morning. Either way the benefits that you will gain from whey combined with colostrum are amazing. A recent testimony which you can find on my site

“I just can’t function properly without my Pro-Colos; I feel like a slug and I work retail and am the only one who hasn’t gotten sick. I really believe it is the Pro-Colos. I also have acid reflux or should I say I used to have acid reflux and I don’t anymore. Pro-Colos is some of the best stuff I’ve ever spent my money on and my funds are limited, but I make sure I have this stuff. Many Thanks” submitted on October 15, 2010 by Brenda from Upstate NY. I personally have been consuming Pro-Colos for about a year and within 30 days my psoriasis all on my right arm and hand completely disappeared. I decided since psoriasis was an autoimmune disorder and that was probably caused by the “leaky gut” that my DO told me I had, I decided to try it on my son who suffered from Celiac’s disease. After 3 months of taking the Pro-Colos he was able to consume dairy, gluten and wheat without suffering any adverse side effects. My daughter also suffered severely from Eczema and after taking the Pro-Colos for several months she no longer has any symptoms. I personally believe that once you heal the gut the rest follows suit since 80% of our immune system is found in our gut. So choose to take control of your health today so you too can live a natural way to a better life.

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