Healing Is A Process Why Do So Many People Treat It As An Event?


As a Wellness Strategist I counsel clients all the time that just want a quick fix to their health problems, but is there such a thing? With Integrative Medicine we are trained to look for the root problem; what caused the start of the symptoms currently being experienced. What clients often overlook is, they didn’t get sick over night. Just as illness is a process, so is healing so why do so many people treat it as an event?

When I was laid up in the hospital bed after one of my many surgeries the thought crossed my mind of, “How do I get out of here quicker than scheduled and when can I start back with my busy life?” Healing is not that simple! The best way to get well is to understand that a collaboration of multiple healing modalities will get a person well and keep them well. Diet of course is one of the first issues that needed to be addressed. I moved from a world of eating packaged foods to one of fresh organic foods. If I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients of the food I was about to consume then I didn’t eat it. If the list required me to get out a magnifying glass to read all the contents then I chose not to put the product in my body. The next realization was that after a surgery or an illness the body needs time to repair and that required rest, something I wasn’t used to in my fast paced world. My body also required nutritional supplements. Our world today is made up of fabrication including genetically modified foods. So, soil that was once rich in selenium is depleted today, this required by body to supplement for the deficit. In fact, I was surprised to learn the facts on how toxic foods that are consumed today really are. But foods aren’t the only toxic components that affect the body, thoughts are. This is when I learned the importance of mind-body-spirit connection. Pulling from a greater power gave me the positive mental outlook that I needed to stay focused on my end goal, health.

Health is like a highway, we can move in a straight line doing what we know to do or we can venture off down some dusty road not knowing where it will take us. However it’s the dirt road that many times leads us to a far greater place, a place of ease, healing and joy. So just because you learned to take the straight and narrow way doesn’t always mean it is the right way. In either case, time is the equal component that will eventually lead you to a destination. So why rush it? Allow yourself the process that your health deserves because without it, the rest of the events you have planned for your life will never happen.


It’s time to connect with what you feed your mind and put in your body. Let Wellness Strategist Dawn Burnett show you how.

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"The 5 Keys To Unlocking Success" for FREE from Jack Canfield's book "The Road To Success Vol. 2" and create a successful shift in your finances!