The Signs…What Meaning Do You Give Them?

On a cool day in late November, I had an encounter of what now appears to be an angel. A question my Sister needed answered guided us to a U.S. Official in Washington. Burly in appearance; she walked around the building with us telling us her life story. Questioning to myself “I wonder why she left her post?” Then came a sign, she told my sister to stop crying over my mother who passed away a few months earlier. “How could she know?” I thought to myself. After 2 years, I decided to call her cell only to find out that she never existed! Was it an angel? What message is in this?

Have you ever been going through a tough situation in life and all of a sudden driving down the road you see a billboard with the word “Strength?” Or wondering what your purpose in life is only to be greeted by a friend who hands you a charm that says “Miracle?” Many people believe that angels are God’s messengers at work in the world today.

Do signs carry precise meanings for people at the perfect timing in their lives? Or, is it our minds and the meaning we give to words, objects and numbers that create them to appear as divine intervention? When you see 555 this is supposed to mean something major is about to happen in your life, good or bad. Then you experience 3 deaths in 30 days, it’s then that you decide to pay attention to the meaning.

Signs, signs they are everywhere! However, to notice them you have to be in tune with life. Having come close to death 3 times, it appears to have raised my level of awareness and consciousness. I never remembered seeing these signs years ago. When you live in a state of taxed out time and toxicity it tends to place blinders on you. Upon removing myself from a toxic marriage, these signs appeared to be laid at the path of my feet everywhere I went. From a small whisper to feathers and pennies on the street, the more I got closer to my self-fulfilled purpose the messages got stronger and stronger

What signs have you experienced in life? Have you been paying attention or just walking around in your own little bubble? Are there numbers, voices, people, license plates, billboards, phone calls, feathers, or book covers? What has your journey been like to cause you to pay attention to the signs? What ever your story is know this, your messengers are trying to get your attention. If you are not listening you may miss out on the best part of your journey. Make today be the day that you choose to tune in to what is going on around you and allow it to change your life forever!

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