Secret Wars…Conquering and Rising Above


Are your thoughts stressing you out? So many people are walking around with bottled up emotions. Due to vulnerability issues, they feel that by keeping their thoughts to themselves they are better off; it provides them with a sense of safety. But how true is this really when it comes to our overall well being?

Did you know that approximately 87% of illnesses stem from our thoughts? Toxic emotions have been linked to migraines, hypertension, strokes, cancer; skin disorders, diabetes, infections, allergies and a whole lot more. So how do we combat these secret wars and rise above our thoughts? The key to conquering your thoughts is to get to the root matter of stress. What is causing your upset? Is it a taxed out overcommitted schedule? Or perhaps health, financial, communication or work issues? What ever the cause may be it’s time you decide to take control. Start with setting priorities; have peace with God, build loving family relationships, find joy in all situations, as they are stepping-stones to our final destination; spend quality time with friends and choose to live a purpose filled life.

After living with 15 years of toxicity in a fragmented relationship I decided it was time to make the choice for health. The thoughts that I held inside during my years in a trapped abusive marriage caused havoc on my body. The decision to pursue a degree in alternative medicine was my turning point. I learned that our thoughts are stored at a cellular level and when negative they can affect our DNA and create disease. That explained why I was getting sick every year during my marriage. Once I decided that I was designed for greatness, exited the marriage, moved and followed healing steps to replace my thoughts and reduce stress it’s then that my life was transformed from the inside out.

My connection and focus on God; my higher power that fueled my intuition; that divine connection led me to meditation, awareness, healthy eating, attitude of gratitude, fruitful relationships, self acceptance and forgiveness. Instead of surviving I was now thriving and living with full divine purpose and awareness. What once was important suddenly became not as important as I delved into my true passion, to pay it forward and teach others how to heal themselves.

So, are you ready to join the transformation and rise above to your new spiritual level? It’s time to empower yourself as so many of the greats have. Believing that everything in life shows up at precisely the perfect timing whether it is a lesson or blessing. You are always at the right place, nothing has surpassed you because when it’s your timing to reach your fulfilled purpose if you have done your part it will happen and nothing will strip it away; it’s your chance to own it, your divine God given destiny. It’s time to believe that you too have been designed for greatness!

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"The 5 Keys To Unlocking Success" for FREE from Jack Canfield's book "The Road To Success Vol. 2" and create a successful shift in your finances!