Root Matters Causing Disease and Emotional Blockages

As a Wellness Strategist I deal with a lot of “root Matters” and many of them stem back to child hood. I talk about in my book “True Confessions of the Heart” that I grew up in a toxic environment and several tragic events happened. Because I was not in a true state of awareness, I carried those wounds forward into my adulthood which caused me to attract more toxicity into my life. When I started to feed my brain with the right nutrients; a combination of nutritional supplements and whole foods, I began to see things clearer. Then when I removed myself from the toxic environment I was living in, that is when true healing began. I couldn’t see what the real picture looked like until I began to detox; body/mind/spirit. This is when I gained a sense of truth and realized that when a person is functioning under extreme levels of stress their cells become programmed in “fight or flight” status. When our central nervous systems are in constant heightened awareness, our organs become stressed and fatigued leading to inflammation, compromised immune systems and disease. So, when I am trying to access what the true cause of a complaint is I always ask lots of questions as a means of digging to determine the root cause. This is important for someone who is seeking longevity.

There are two main things that in my opinion have a tremendous impact on longevity, a positive mental attitude and nutrition. As we feed our brain with the right nutrients, it becomes easier to think positive. Think of a hose when it is stuck under a tire, the water trickles out of the hose but once you straighten the hose, the full force of water flows through. Well that is what our brain is like. By consuming whole foods it helps to enhance memory and create alertness. Whereas processed foods tend to make our brain cells sluggish, creating brain fog and then we can’t think clearly and it becomes harder to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Many people today say they are finding it hard to eat healthy in this economy where it appears to cost twice as much for groceries. I would recommend again that you shop with a level of awareness. I have our household eating style narrowed down. My children like meat and I am vegetarian. We all eat natural/organic foods including the dog for approximately $700/month. I know families today that have the same number of people in their house hold and they eat commercial products for the same amount of money. After coming close to death a few times and previously experiencing a laundry list of health problems, now having reversed my health naturally I realize the important impact that eating healthy can have on our lives. I would rather go without other things that families view as important, to be able to eat organic whole foods and keep my health in check for if we don’t have our health than what do we have?

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"The 5 Keys To Unlocking Success" for FREE from Jack Canfield's book "The Road To Success Vol. 2" and create a successful shift in your finances!