Diabetic Treatments

Diabetes is a disease which involves the body’s inability to process or use energy providing nutrients in food. Patients experience a lack in their body’s ability to produce enough insulin allowing glucose movement to cells, either because of a deficient amount of insulin which is made by the pancreas or their cells lack of ability to respond to the insulin. There are three types of diabetes: type-1 involves the destruction of insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, type-2 is the most common form and involves the proper production of insulin in the pancreas and the lack of cells responsiveness. When the glucose can’t enter the cells, it stays in the blood, creating high blood sugar levels. The final type is referred to as gestational diabetes where certain pregnancy-related hormones make the body resistant to insulin. In any type, when there is too much glucose in the blood and not enough in the cells, the body is required to work over time to survive, which can cause damage to organs.

Diabetes diagnosis is on the rise and a large part of it is due to the foods we are consuming. A well balanced, nutritious diet provides approximately 50-60% of calories from carbohydrates, approximately 10-20% of calories from protein, and less than 30% of calories from fat. The number of calories depends upon the individual, but they are required to be distributed over the course of the day to prevent surges in glucose, so skipping meals is not the way to go about losing weight or eating properly. In fact if you carry weight in your belly then are you are headed for diabetes and are already insulin resistant. The good news is that you can still turn things around. This is why it is important to consume organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables. Many people today are not getting enough daily intake of wholesome foods, this also includes whole grains and nuts. Many commercial foods today are GMO (genetically modified), this is where they take a gene of a fish and cross it with a strawberry for example. Commercial foods today don’t even taste like they used to compared to my grandparent’s generation and we wonder why so many people are getting diagnosed with food allergies. When you eat GMO foods and you develop and allergy you are not even certain what you are allergic to because you need to know what genes have been crossed in the food. Once you consume these foods it is hard to remove the toxins from your bodies cells. So don’t play around and wait until you get extremely sick, take action today and purchase “Whole Foods” your life depends on it. When purchasing fish make sure you purchase wild not farm raised and buy from a supplier that offers low mercury because heavy metals can cause your neurotransmitters to become stuck and now you have brain issues and unclear thinking. Purchase meats that have no added hormones or antibiotics and always watch your portion sizes. Since your body is so out of balance in the case of insulin resistance and diabetes you will need to take nutritional supplements.

For an integrative approach to diabetes consider Traditional Chinese Medicine. This form of medicine provides an alternative way of diagnosing and treating diabetes. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient health system designed to heal based on the concept of harmony and balance. It looks at patterns of disharmony, which include all resenting signs and symptoms as well as patients’ emotional and psychological responses. Herbal remedies have also been helpful in managing diabetes, fenugreek, bilberry, garlic and onions all have been known to assist with managing and lowering blood sugar levels. You want to be careful taking herbs on your own because they can have a cross affect with pharmaceutical drugs.

If diabetes is left untreated or is improperly treated it can lead to blindness, kidney disease and the loss of limbs. The key to this disease is prevention which can be provided through the daily regulation of diet. Vitamin supplementation is highly recommended but is less effective if diet sources are not reviewed. The proper diet that should be consumed is a low glycemic index one. Daily regulation of exercise is equally important so find something active that you enjoy to do and that way you will stick to it. Whether you choose main stream medicine or natural approaches, it’s important to make a decision to take control of your health.


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