Cellulite and Your Hormones

What causes that dimpling appearance of the skin; unwanted cellulite? Uneven fat deposits under the skin caused by the female hormone Estrogen; which stimulates the storage of fat and the breakdown of collagen. However, there are other factors involved that cause the formation of cellulite; impaired blood flow to the fat storage area can also cause damage to collagen fibers. Lack of oxygen and accumulation of toxic wastes cause the fibers to shrink and thicken giving a woman the dimpling affect. Poor lymphatic drainage can also cause inflation of fat cells which increases its appearance. In addition, food allergies have been known to worsen the appearance of cellulite. Most important of all is exercise and lifestyles choices. High processed foods, sugar and fat intake causes a buildup of toxins in the body which increases the formation of cellulite.

So, what is the solution? The most important one is exercise with the best form being yoga. A controlled form of exercise, yoga has been known to improve circulation, build muscle strength and improve tone. Next in line is diet; water is extremely important to the digestive system because it flushes toxins from the body. Eating foods high in fiber such as vegetables and “whole” foods like fruits and nuts will help to keep the body lean preventing excess fat which makes cellulite worse. An added solution is massage, as it has proven successful with the improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

But, so many people today have decided to take the easy way out; liposuction. This surgical procedure involves the removal of fat cells by suction through a cut in the thigh or buttocks. Some of the fat cells are redeposited into the dimpling areas to give it a smooth appearance. Although this option can reduce the amount of fat immediately, it may not improve the skin appearance. When you take this into consideration for the time of recovery required, money spent and risks involved, the above natural options will treat a person’s wellness as a whole; addressing the root cause instead of trying to cover up the impairment.

So, is it possible to be cellulite free? Regardless of your size and shape almost all of us have cellulite and genetics does play a big part. However, to minimize the appearance, one should consider an eating lifestyle low in carbohydrates, low in fat, low in salt and high in fiber. Yes, you guessed it and you’ve heard it a thousand times before but getting back to basics with vegetables, fruits and nuts truly is the best way. Also, according to studies there are no creams that have been clinically proven effective in the elimination of cellulite. As far as exercise, studies prove that yoga really is successful in the combat against cellulite as it burns both calories and fat!! The best form of yoga is hot yoga; 105 degrees is recommended because as the body temperature rises it increases cardio performance.

So, there you have it; the truth about cellulite. Affecting more than 80% of women worldwide the truth is nobody wants it. As you can see from the above information the best way to reduce the appearance is to help your body detox and release unwanted toxic build up which can be achieved from the steps listed above.  So make a decision today to “Take Control of Your health and experience a Natural Way to A Better Life.”

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