Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Did You Know That Your Thoughts Could Have A Negative Affect On Your Health?

Research shows that around 87% of illnesses can be attributed to our thought life. In fact, more chronic diseases are linked to toxic emotions. Negative Thinking can cause migraines, hypertension, strokes, cancer, skin problems, diabetes, infections, allergies and much more. Studies have made a direct correlation between anxiety/fear and heart palpitations, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches and heart problems. This is proof that the mind and body are integrally connected.

For many people it’s difficult to change the way they think about and approach life. So, here are some specific steps that can be taken to open your mind and change your negative thought patterns:

1. Choose to be conscious about your thoughts and live in awareness. You can’t change what you don’t know is wrong. It is your choice to accept information or forget it, whether it is something you are thinking or something that is being said to you.

2. Monitor you feelings, fear is the root of stress. After all, 90% of life is our perception to the actual 10% of events happening.

3. Understand that healing is a process and not an event; to heal you have to deal. Your memories of the past are stored in your body at a cellular level, which can affect your DNA and create disease. To heal you need to reflect but the only way you can do this is by silencing your mind.

4. Express emotion in a healthy way, for some people this is through journaling.

5. Get good sleep so you can think clearly.

6. Write down positive affirmations such as, “I am loved” and post them on your mirror where you can say them every day so you can reprogram your cells. Along with this build strong new memories. I talk in my book “True Confessions of the Heart” how I spent 2 years traveling the North Country after enduring a life long series of toxic events. The memories that were created and documented in my book transformed my life from the inside/out.

7. Practice forgiveness, it’s a choice and holding on to anger and resentment causes damage to our bodies. Life is short, I know because as I mentioned in my book, my Mom passed away unexpectedly over 2 years ago. When tragic events happen like that it redefines life. The true meaning of life is communing with others, building healthy relationships and memories for when you are on your deathbed you will be thinking of all the wonderful times you spent together.

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"The 5 Keys To Unlocking Success" for FREE from Jack Canfield's book "The Road To Success Vol. 2" and create a successful shift in your finances!