I have met numerous people lately that have autistic children and request information on nutrition, so I decided to write this newsletter. Dietary supplements have proven useful to autistic children by promoting gut health and reducing the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation. They also support a child through detoxification programs that are aimed at eliminating heavy metals like mercury which some specialists believe to be a major risk factor for autism. If you feel that your child has acquired autism from heavy metals, you can have a hair analysis done to confirm. This will help to supply you with the proper detox plan.

Supplements which have been proven effective in the fight against Autism are as follows:

Probiotics: Normal and healthy intestinal bacteria plays a key role in how the body detoxifies heavy metals and other toxins. An abnormal gut environment is prevalent in autistic children due to inflammation, poor absorption and overuse of antibiotics which creates an overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. High doses of probiotics are used to restore the balance of bacteria. I also recommend our pro-colos product as it has personally restored my son’s gut and boosted his immune system which resulted in the reversal of his celiac disease.

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium: Autistic children have been known to experience a low level of the enzyme needed to convert B6, which is required for proper nerve-signaling that provides healthy brain function. Low levels of neurotransmitters can affect language, attention, sleep, activity and alertness. Supplementation of B6 has proven effective in increasing neurotransmitter levels and improving the above listed conditions. However, it’s the combination of B6 and Magnesium that has created a breakthrough in intervention. Magnesium is required to help enzymes function properly. Recommended doses are 75-800mg of B6 and 100-700mg of magnesium daily.

Antioxidants A and C: are equally as important. Vitamin A is essential for gut, brain and nerve tissues which are the areas that tend to malfunction in autistic children. Studies show that supplementation with Vitamin A for 3 months improved eye contact, social skills and sleep quality. However, since vitamin A is stored in body fat, high levels can be toxic so conducting a metabolic panel test is recommended; this prevents guessing and overdosing. Vitamin C is an important co-factor in the production of nerve-signaling chemicals. Improvements experienced in autistic children are in the areas of emotional and sensory responses in relationship to socialization.

Detoxification supporting nutrients:  such as glutamine, R Lipoic Acid and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). These substances convert into glutathione which is required for the liver and effective toxin elimination.

Essential Fatty Acids: particularly omega-3 (EPA and DHA). Our brain is made up of healthy fats and supplementing with omega-3 in autistic children has been proven effective in the reduction of hyperactivity, aggression, and tantrums. It is also successful in the reduction of inflammation.

Vitamin B12: helps with neurochemistry and it increases the glutathione antioxidant status which is normally impaired in autistic children.

Folate: Is also important for proper neurochemistry function.

Zinc: is excellent for the immune system and helps to balance copper levels in the body. Autistic children usually have high levels of copper.

Amino Acids: Are the building blocks of protein and are essential to neurotransmitter production. Since children have different abnormal levels, it’s best to test and not guess through the use of metabolic panel testing. This way a custom blend of amino acids will be compounded into a crystalized powder that allows for easier absorption and is unique to your child

            Autism is an epidemic and today families are being affected by its conditions more than ever before. The good news is that dietary supplements have proven helpful in the fight against autism. So which ever direction you choose to take I encourage you to take control of your child’s health so they too can experience a better life.

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