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Hepatika 8:

Improved Formula based on the very popular V 5

More Alpha Lipoic Acid, Added Zinc, Taurine and N Acetyl L Cysteine
Excellent for supporting and improving Healthy Liver Function


This product is formulated by Dr. Clement and can only be purchased through sources linked to Dr. Clement. I personally use this product for liver detox and I have previously used several different liver detox products; other products are harsh on my system and created unwanted negative side effects even though they are herbal and natural. Dr. Clement’s Hepatika 8 is gentle on my system and provides no negative side effects.
Hepatika 8 supports a healthy liver and digestive function.The detoxification is enhanced and many symptoms of functional liver and digestive functions are alleviated Bloating, slow digestion, alcohol susceptible.
Hepatika 8 support a healthy liver and digestive function. The detoxification is enhanced and many symptoms of functional liver and digestive function are alleviated
Bloating, slow digestion, alcohol suceptibility and intolerance. It is of value to decrease hypertension and insulin resistance. It is a therapeutic agent useful in a number of conditions related to liver disease, including alcohol-induced damage, mushroom poisoning, metal intoxication, and CCl4 poisoning.Hepatika 8 is manufactured in an FDA approved facility with pharmaceutical grade
Since the introduction of Hepatika in 2002 there was no adverse events or side-effects reported.


Milk Thistle (Std. Extract 80% silymarin) 150 mg
Curcuma longa (Std. Extract 95% curcuminoids) 125 mg (Anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic, seems to be a strong anti-cancer substance in many digestive cancer (colon, pancreas, liver) and a cancer preventative agent)
Artichoke (Std. Extract cynarine) 125 mg (Kidney Drainage Antibacterial, Antifungal)
Boldo (Std. Extract boldine) 100 mg (Vermifuge, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-colitis)
Alpha lipoic acid 50 mg (is Anti-poison and Hepato -protective, it decrease levels of toxicants in the brain and increase Glutathion levels)

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