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Minty Greens

Antioxidant Blend. You will benefit from the ingredients and enjoy the mint pineapple berry flavor

Very few people today get enough fruits and vegetables which are necessary for optimum health that’s why it’s important to supplement.

304 Gr(10.72 oz) Phytonutrients Blend Minty Flavored Sugar Free.

High in Chlorophyll, contains Lutein and Pomegranate. Contains Probiotics which is highly recommended for everybody to help keep intestinal walls healthy. 80% of viruses stem from poor digestion and our immune system strength is determined by the health of our gut. This wellness product is formulated by Dr. Clement and can only be purchased from sources linked to Dr. Clement. Most people today don’t consume enough daily fruits and vegetables and that’s why disease is on the rise. Minty Greens is excellent for people diagnosed with cancer and those who wish to prevent it.


Super Greens: Spirulina, Alfalfa, Barley Grass and Chlorella

Fibers: Apple and oat fiber

Essential Fatty Acids: Lecithin (non GMO)

Fruits and Vegetables: Mung bean sprouts, acerola berry, red beet, grapeseed, pomegranate seed, carrot, tomato, spinach,

broccoli, elderberry, blueberry and much more…

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