Pro Colos

My son at the age of 2 had a compromised immune system due to vaccinations which pushed him into 5 rounds of antibiotics leading us to a popular children’s hospital where they wanted to remove body parts.

Mason was diagnosed by our ND with Celiac’s Disease. After trying numerous medications that didn’t work, I teamed up with Dr. Clement who formulates his own wellness products and with the use of his Pro-Colos product & other wellness strategies I was able to improve my son’s disease in 6 months. Why? Because Pro-Colos is a whey Colostrum product that heals and builds up gut walls. Cyliac’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder and since 80% of our immune system is located in our digestive system by repairing the gut walls we strengthen our immune system. So happy gut, happy life.

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Pro Colos by a New Dawn Natural Solutions