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Pro-Colos: A delicious blend of Vanilla flavored Whey Protein and Colostrum:

304 Gr 20 Servings of 15 gr Protein (with 20% Colostrum) only 1 Gr of Sugar and 60 Calories per servings

New Zealand Whey Protein from Hormone Free Cows (no BGH or BST)
Fresh colostrum Grade A US Dairies
Health benefits of Colostrum includes
Improved digestive efficiency
Stronger gut walls
Increased nutrient uptake
Support immunity and fight infection
Improved recovery from auto-immune illness

Colostrum and exercise: The benefits

Enhance the performance of athletes.
A host of endurance athletes have currently been going from strength to strength in their training because they can train for extended periods without being interrupted by illnesses.

Recovery from effort

Training and exercise stimulates growth and improves performance but only full recovery permits that growth to actually occur.
Greater lean muscle mass
Faster repair of damage

The future of colostrum

All the research and anecdotal reports on benefits of colostrum may be new but the use of the substance is far from cutting edge. Precedents have been set for its use all around the world across a myriad of cultures.

British dairy farmers have given the surplus first milk to their families for hundreds of years. Ayurvedic physicians in India have used colostrum for countless generations. It is highly valued by the Maasai herdsmen in Kenya, and its use is widespread.

In Finland and Scandinavia. Mainstream medical practitioners used to recommended Colostrum as a natural cure before the discovery of penicillin and sulfa drugs.

The problem is the inability to patent a natural product so there’s no money to be made from it by big drug companies leaving its benefits lost to mainstream medicine.

Holistic based clinics are slowly beginning to realize what an asset it is to people’s immune and digestive system and health in general. With these wide spread benefits being attained by normal people from dosages of as little as one tablespoon per day it won’t remain a niche product for athletes for long.

Use 2 Scoops twice daily for ten days then one scoop twice daily for maintenance
Children over 4 1/2 adult dose

Delicious Vanilla Flavor. Every batch is tested and every batch is free of Heavy Metals and Infectious Agents

Excellent for building up gut walls and immune support.

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