Dawn Burnett Composes Inspiring Song To Fight Back Against Inequality

Dawn Burnett creates the empowering song, Everybody Cross The Line, to support the movement for equality.

Orlando, FL – February 09, 2018 – Founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc., Dawn Burnett, collaborates with artists, A.T.K and J.None to compose the empowering song, Everybody Cross The Line, to create a movement and join the fight against inequality.

From Erin Gruwell’s movie, Freedom Writers, to Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech, to Jennelle Monae’s message at the Grammies, and to both Coca-Cola and T-Mobile’s ads during the Super Bowl, the voice for equality has never been louder and Dawn knew she had to be a part of it.

Dawn states, “I wrote Everybody Cross The Line on an airplane ride back from NYC. As an abuse survivor and a single parent, I have experienced the stigma of what the terms carry and I wanted to take listeners to a place of Freedom, a place of Equality, where there is no judgment and no pain.”

Everybody Cross The Line’s mission is to inspire listeners to rise up from being a victim and take them to a place of victory; a place where they can find courage and freedom when they remove the barriers that hold them back by crossing the line. Dawn Burnett believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live their truth and hopes the song empowers listeners to lay down judgment and become their authentic self for when each person does the world becomes a more loving place to live in.

To support the fight for equality and the mission behind Dawn Burnett’s song, Everybody Cross The Line, a music video filming is scheduled for President’s Day, February 19th, 2018 at 8 a.m. at the RDV Sportsplex in Orlando, FL, where 50 volunteer dancers will take the challenge and cross the line. A Pre-order of the song is available on iTunes at the link below:


More About Dawn Burnett:

Dawn Burnett, CSA is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc. A summa cum laude graduate of Alternative Medicine from Everglades University at Boca Raton, Florida, Dawn is a Transformational and Wellness Expert for women through every life change. She provides Wellness Strategies to those who are frustrated with their current health situations and are ready to embrace alternative healing solutions, healing their bodies—and their lives—from the inside out.

Dawn’s impressive roster of television and speaking appearances include ABC, FOX and TBN, and she is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Dawn is the author of True Confessions of the Heart, Connect How To Know If He’s Really Your Man, and is co-author of Jack Canfield’s The Road to Success, Vol. 2.website: www.anewdawnnaturalsolutions.com, she also makes these solutions accessible to fans and devotees across America.

Dawn is working on her forthcoming book Connect How To Love And Accept Yourself After Divorce and has collaborated with 9 other authors.

Ms. Burnett is an advocate for children’s health, and is an ardent believer in “paying it forward.” As such, Dawn collaborated with a noteworthy recording artist and co-wrote a song titled: Right Now. At the request of HTV, Dawn produced a video that she donated for use in children’s hospitals in an effort to raise awareness for childhood obesity prevention.

Are you ready to connect to your well-being? Dawn has the strategies to help you achieve ultimate wellness so connect with her on:

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