Childhood Obesity, What Is Happening To Our Children?

Right Now” is Jocelyn Buchanan, Dawn Burnett and Dre Buchanan’s message to all who are out of balance with life choices. With over 30 percent of America’s children being overweight or obese, threatening an entire generation with serious chronic illnesses and shortened life spans, Jocelyn, Dawn, and Dre wanted to produce a message that would appeal to both children and parents, encouraging them to take control of their lives in hopes of preventing them from becoming another statistic.

The average American boy or girl spends approximately five minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day, and more than six hours each day in front of an electronic screen causing the United States to become the largest consumer of ADHD medications in the world. This shift is profoundly impacting the wellness of our nation’s kids. Many Children today are tuned out and out of shape. Burnett and Buchanan’s message is to start today and make a change that will be life lasting! In the process it can be fun and families will feel better, offering disease prevention.

We are honored to be a part of the Childhood Obesity Awareness Month; the spirit of  all of us, working together and individually in whatever ways we can to improve awareness and bring about change. In return our children will be able to experience a natural way to a better life. To hear the song and support Childhood Obesity Awareness month click on the link, thanks for your support. Together we can make a difference!

About the writers/producer:

Jocelyn Buchanan worked for Oprah for 10 years and was contracted with Motown and Death Row Records.

Dawn Burnett is an Honors graduate of Alternative Medicine and a published author. She is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc.A regular fixture on the high-profile airways of national television, Dawn believes we can all access a healthier, more balanced life by using natural approaches for boosting our energy, purifying our eating regimes, and recalibrating the connection between mind and body.

Dre Buchanan is a graduate of electrical engineering and has worked over 10 years in writing, music/business consultancy and senior management. He is a producer, writer, promoter and music consultant. He has worked with artists such as Monica, Missy Elliott, Fabolous, the Temptations, and other artist signed to Universal, Motown and Rocafella records. He also runs his own artist development under ILL 4 Real Entertainment.

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