True Confessions of the Heart



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True Confessions of the Heart:

Dawn Burnett’s love letter to all who are struggling with life’s challenges, set-backs, and failures. In it, Burnett shares her moving life story in which she faced abuse, a broken home, two failed marriages, three massive car accidents, financial setbacks and unrelenting emotional turmoil. The magic occurs when Burnett concedes how she continued to fight for her dreams despite her fears.

I have written this book to inspire and empower you to take control of your life; to help you open and awaken to new possibilities and the gifts and talents that lie deep within each and every one of you.

May you be empowered and inspired to walk boldly toward your dreams, continually making the conscious decision to not allow others to take those dreams from you. For you to find and walk in your purpose, you must become awakened.

The information in this book is from the heart and is designed to create an awareness to “know thyself.”



True Confessions of the Heart is the inspiring autobiography of a women’s journey through emotional and physical struggles and challenges. Dawn made the decision to, “never give up on what you believe in, because you will miss out on the miracle that God has in store for your life.” Her strength and determination from childhood to motherhood prevails through wisdom and grace. This book was written with honesty and passion, but unlike similar inspirational books, it provides real world, easy to understand solutions for the reader. Dawn is a woman who, when given life’s obstacles, forges ahead with the firm belief that life matters and the healing of those difficult situations never come instantaneously. Dawn’s life was not easy. Battling back from two failed marriages, three car wrecks and other challenging events, Dawn shows incredible strength and persistence. Life and happiness is worth fighting for. Women will be inspired by Dawn’s self determination to not let life’s woes keep you down, but instead to set yourself free. You will feel empowered to face your own life’s struggles, with grace and strength to make your own dreams come true.

Larry Carpenter with Christian Book Services

Dawn Burnett Webb’s sensational book ‘True Confessions of the Heart’ a wonder-filled tale of a single life unfolds as immense struggle and challenge is met with passion, faith, and resilience. Her journey infuses the reader with a wave of inspiration and can be a guide to those who are burdened mightily with past and present traumas and obstacles. Her life-story portrays a dedicated mother, student, and teacher who demonstrates at every turn great purity of heart and a laser-like mind that negotiates the vicissitudes of life with wisdom and grace.

Dr. Fred Kingsbury

I read your book in 24 hours, I was captivated by your honestly, down to earth writing and found your book refreshing. I personally can relate to some of your experiences and you have such an energy that is contagious! You got me thinking, and “awoke” my inner self that’s been buried for many years for many different reasons. In order to receive change, you need to change yourself and your pattern of thinking, which I knew, but you just reminded me of this. Thank you for sharing your story, and for what you do. I hope I can inspire one person in my life the way you have inspired me.
Stacey Haines

Hi Dawn – I just wanted to send you a note. I received the book on Saturday – started to read – and ended up finishing it in one sitting! I admire your faith and determination – it’s very uplifting! Thanks for sharing and your selflessness! I truly enjoyed it.

Finished the book it was amazing! I actually loan it to my co worker to read. What an inspiration! You are going to touch and impact thousands of lives what a platform!
Rosie Matos Carattini

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