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Do you struggle from weight gain? Have you ever wondered why so many kids have ADHD? Has it occurred to you that cancer has become an epidemic? WHY? Maybe you have been too busy to notice or you have just simply accepted the way our society is today and have decided to turn a cheek. …

Childhood Obesity, What Is Happening To Our Children?

“Right Now” is Jocelyn Buchanan, Dawn Burnett and Dre Buchanan’s message to all who are out of balance with life choices. With over 30 percent of America’s children being overweight or obese, threatening an entire generation with serious chronic illnesses and shortened life spans, Jocelyn, Dawn, and Dre wanted to produce a message that would appeal to …

Diabetic Treatments

Diabetes is a disease which involves the body’s inability to process or use energy providing nutrients in food. Patients experience a lack in their body’s ability to produce enough insulin allowing glucose movement to cells, either because of a deficient amount of insulin which is made by the pancreas or their cells lack of ability …


Tired of diabetes controlling your life? Are you young and done standing in the shadow of diabetes? According to the Chronic Disease Prevention Association “Diabetes affects 25.8 million people, that is 8.3% of the U.S. population” now ask yourself, how are you affected? Whether you are living with it personally or know of someone with …

Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Did You Know That Your Thoughts Could Have A Negative Affect On Your Health? Research shows that around 87% of illnesses can be attributed to our thought life. In fact, more chronic diseases are linked to toxic emotions. Negative Thinking can cause migraines, hypertension, strokes, cancer, skin problems, diabetes, infections, allergies and much more. Studies …


With the holidays upon us and our schedules over booked our immune systems become compromised due to lack of sleep and rest. The best way to protect yourself from the flu is to strengthen your immune system. Although there are many products out there, I personally recommend the healing wonders of whey/colostrum to strengthen your …

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