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What does Super Soul Sunday have to do with Dawn Burnett?

I had just finished my manuscript Connect How To Know If He’s Really Your Man. My literary agent and I were searching for the perfect publisher. After getting turned down by a few, I asked God, “Show me what to do. Where should I submit to next?” Not long after that I turned on Super Soul Sunday, December 13, 2015, and Oprah was interviewing Jack Canfield, they were talking about Chicken Soup For The Soul. Jack had mentioned to Oprah that he had been turned down by 144 publishers within 18 months and he was guided to Book Expo America. While there, the last booth he visited HCI (Health Communications, Inc) agreed to publish his book. After watching the episode, I realized by book also belongs there.

Prior to the Super Soul Sunday episode I had asked my publicist to send my manuscript to the program manager at OWN and he was in preparations of doing so which he later completed in January. Suddenly my worlds were colliding together in a very positive way. I contacted my literary agent and requested for him to send my manuscript to HCI and he did. We then played the waiting game, with follow up calls and emails.

During the process of waiting I was contacted in April, 2016, by a celebrity branding company requesting for me to co-author a book. I remembered the company worked with Jack Canfield so I said, “I will only consider co-author if I can be a part of Jack Canfield’s book.” That day the agency contacted me and said, “Congratulations, you get to co-author The Road To Success vol. 2 with Jack Canfield and we need your chapter by next weekend.” I completed the writing and delivered it to the agency that weekend. I am honored to say I am co-author with Jack Canfield and The Road To Success vol. 2 is scheduled for release on September 8, 2016.

A few short weeks after submitting the writing, my literary agent called to inform me that he was going out of town to Chicago for Book Expo America, May 11, 2016. I remembered that’s where Jack’s Chicken Soup For The Soul book was picked up so I instructed him to look for the HCI booth. Successfully, he met up with the staff members at BEA, and within a few days after that, I received a call from my literary agent with the exciting news on May, 17, 2016, that I was offered a publishing contract for Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man.

The lesson in all of this is, when you have a locked mindset and you are prepared to do the work required to make your dreams become a reality, it’s then that your frequency aligns perfectly with the Universe and God’s plan and everything works out perfectly just as it’s supposed to.

So what exactly is Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man all about?

Connect, is a light but powerful little book that provides humorous yet effective ways to address key issues facing serious relationships. Filled with personal, engaging stories,  complemented by captivating illustrations, it reveals: the pitfalls of dating in the digital age; the many ways we unintentionally sabotage our relationships; why we find ourselves choosing mates from the never-ending ‘carousel of losers’; and how we judge ourselves—and others—without mercy. The antidote is a simple, empowering plan readers can implement themselves to heal their own hearts, pinpoint their true dreams and desires, and find meaningful and lasting bonds with their partners — whether they have already met or are still looking. This amazing little book is big on success, and will help readers finally attain what they outwardly say they want—without the emotional resistance associated with trying to change their partner. –



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